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About us


Thanks to the sustainable management of wastes and materials, soil remediation and the prevention of soil pollution, OVAM, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (Belgium), contributes to a healthier environment and hence a better quality of life.

Over the past 25 years, the way in which we handle waste has fundamentally changed.

The policy advocated by OVAM is continuously evolving. Where the policy was initially focused on cleaning up waste and setting up an effective infrastructure for waste management, it has now evolved towards a focus on prevention. Properly developed waste management does not automatically lead to sustainable production and consumption.

The effects of the waste policy are:

  • the closing of material cycles; the prevention of leakage of materials from the material cycles;
  • improved savings on raw materials and energy by using wastes where possible; 
  • the promotion of product quality and the quality of production processes, with the emphasis on qualitative and quantitative prevention both in terms of use and of raw materials consumption, waste generation and finally the spread of environmentally harmful materials


Sustainable materials management has been declared as OVAM's focus of action:

  • Prevention and Planning 
  • Producer Responsibility 
  • Sustainable Materials Management
  • Sustainable design


OVAM Ecodesign.link

OVAM Ecodesign.link is a meeting point for all those who are active in the field of sustainable product innovation. It brings together the OVAM instruments in a visible and accessible way and it aims to position OVAM as a partner for all actors in the life cycle of products.

Our three core activities are:

  • information and awareness-raising;
  • carrying out innovative research and test projects with a strong link to the needs of and feedback from the target groups;
  • building a network through collaborative partnerships.