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Adis is a tool kit that supports Ethiopian beekeepers in making high quality beehives. Thanks to Adis, the Ethiopian beekeepers are capable of making beehives using local know-how and materials at a low price.

The tool kit consists of a manual and two templates that provide the shape of the hives. The materials to be used are clay, bamboo and rope. All of the materials are available locally at (almost) no charge and replace the scarce and expensive wood that is currently used. The hive is weatherproofed with the sap of the Opuntia cactus, a method used in Ethiopia to make roofs waterproof. The manual is based on the Ethiopian image culture and is entirely visual, so that illiterate beekeepers can also make use of it.

Beekeeping is beneficial for the pollination of food crops. Thanks to Adis, the local population is capable of making more hives on their own, which improves the standard of living.